Friday, 31 July 2009

An Adventure! -or- Google Maps is your Friend

When Dave was here we decided to go to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. Turns out there are two parts: the Anglicans have the actual Medieval shrine, and the Roman Catholics have the Slipper Chapel, one of the old stops for pilgrims on the way to the shrine, so named because they would leave their shoes there and walk the last 6 miles barefoot.

So we took a train. Then the underground. Then another train. Then a bus. Then another bus. As we had no idea where we were going (other than to the Slipper Chapel, located in the town of Houghton St. Giles), Dave alerted the driver to where we wanted to go. He stopped in almost the middle of nowhere, and told us the shrine was down the street to our left. Thank you very much. :)

Let me tell you about HSG: There is a sign, a house, a barn, another house, another barn, and some sheep, followed by another welcome sign facing the other direction. Seriously. So we walked down the road (the 4 way sign at the corner made no mention of anything down that road other than a ford. I know Catholocism has not always been very popular in Englandworld, but you would think that there would be any sort of signage). We walked around the ford. We came to a dead end. Left or right? Right. So we walked. And walked. And walked. It wasnt that we walked particularly long or far, but there was nothing there. Not even sheep. And nothing in the distance to speak of either. So we turned around, went back up the road we came down, walked through the ford, and came back to the 'main' road.

We started walking there, figuring that the Anglican shrine is this way, so maybe... It was hot, it was sunny, that part of England has these freaky little black bugs that just swarm on you out of nowhere!!!!! *twitch* Eventually, seeing still nothing in front of us, we turned around and eventually flagged down the bus on its way back. It was not so much giving up as we had gotten a late start, and had to be back to the other bus stop in time to get the other bus to get to the train to get home, and had spent all of our shrine visiting time walking. *sigh*

So Google later tells us that had we turned left (remember the dead end?) we would have *eventually* come to the shrine; the bus driver really just let us off one block (one very large block) up too far. So now we know for next time! :-D

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