Saturday, 25 July 2009

Going Backwards in Time - or - My Summer Vacation in Scotland!

What's this? A real post? No! Well, yes, it is. I figured since it's fresh in my mind, I shall share all the exciting bits of my recent trip to SCOTLAND with Dave! First, Edinburgh is my Favorite City- probably the only city I would live in. And it still smells like cereal. That is Dave and I at Edinburgh Castle! (dance of joy) It was really fantastic and took all day. I will probably bore you with more photos on facebook sometime. I got to see the Scottish Crown Jewels, which are just nicer than the English ones. There were new towers, old towers- some really nifty vaults and catacombs and such, an old chapel and even a pet graveyard! I also love the street performers in Edinburgh. Sure it is just show for the tourists, but it is still nice, and I would throw money at them even if I lived there. We took the 'Underground Cities' tour- more vaults that they're actually still digging out- cheesey ghosty stuff, but the history was nifty, though I did enjoy the 'Haunted Graveyard Tour' (see future post on my first trip to Scotland) a bit more. We went to St. Margaret's RC church and saw relics of St. Andrew. We also found this nifty little pub with great desserts. That yummy looking treat wasnt actually all that yummy, sadly. It was kind of like oatmeal whipped cream over raspberry/whiskey mix. Rather lackluster. Their other desserts and food were really good too. Speaking of alcohol- you might want to sit down for this: Guenevere found a beer that she likes. Loves. It was delicious. I couldn't finish it- the room started doing things that I'd rather it didn't. What is this? You do not believe me? Yes, that is me drinking my beer (Innis and Gunn) (I'm not sure why it came in a goblet). Also, the hotel we stayed in was the first I'd ever been in that lacked a Bible! Sadly, we did not have time to make it to Holyrood Palace. Now I have an excuse to go back! Also, I was pooped upon by a pigeon. :(

Our last day in Scotland was spent not in the city, but rather to the South (the Highlands will have to wait until that fabled return trip) I surprised Dave with a trip to a Seabird Sanctuary to see Puffins! Also part of the tour was the largest seagull colony in the world (the birds have some specific name, but really, they were glorified seagulls). One of the islands nearby had a white top to it. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that it is ALL birds! It smelled terrible, but was really gorgeous looking. There is also an old prison on the island that I would not mind touring eventually. The Puffins were darling! I had not realized that they were so tiny! When they fly, they actually look like those wooden ducks with the windmill wings that people insist on putting in their yards. Did I mention tiny??? We also saw two seals poke their heads out of the water. I had never seen seals in the wild before!

While we were in the area, we popped over to Dirleton to see the Norman castle! Anyone who has been to my mom's house in the past several years should recognize it! For those of you who have not, I painted a portrait of that castle in High School! It was thrilling to see it in person- something I never thought I would do. Unlike Edinburgh castle, it's pretty ruined, but left that way- no dry wall and fluorescent lighting. Just reinforced concrete floors and some helpful plaques (though they would do well to check their dates) We did not have much time to spend there, which made it even more exhilarating. It was like climbing about the best play house in the world. And the fireplaces in the kitchen were bigger than my bedroom. I also bonked my head on the low doorway into the live-in priest's latrine. :( And naturally, it rained all day. Which was kind of nice, in a way.

I love Scotland.

And the man with the Thistle.

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