Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A Puffin Anecdote

The trip to the Seabird Sanctuary to see the Puffins was my big surprise for Dave. I did very well with the secret keeping. I had been worried that he might not like it all that much after I had kind of promoted this Surprise Trip so much. While we were waiting for the train to North Berwick, I, in a round about fashion, managed to get him onto the topic of Puffins, just to see what he would say on his own about them. He then proceeded to be sad that he had come to Scotland, and not seen a single Puffin! :( He then asked me to fetch him a Puffin. I, using my fantabulous acting skills, sincerely apologized that I had no Puffins at hand to give him. (I did provide him with an invisible one.) The subject was dropped, and we went for a ride on the train to: PUFFINS!! :-D

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missrants said...

Perfectly executed plan!