Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tea of the Day!

Red Raspberry Leaf: 5/5

The rating has nothing to do with the taste, and everything to do with RRL's very effective use against menstrual cramps. For real. The downside is that while the effects don't last very long. Tastewise, a very strong cup of RRL tea (again, not real tea, just the Raspberry leaves) tastes like very week Green Tea. It has a bit of grainy-ness that some Green Teas do as well. Not bad tasting at all, though for someone who likes strong tea, it can be a bit frustrating. Highly recommended if you can get hold of it.

Extra: White tea primarily hails from mainland China where it's plucked once a year in early spring. Its light, delicate flavor comes from minimally processed tender young buds and leaves covered with tiny, silvery hairs.

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