Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Beginning of the End

So, as most of you know this is my very last week in Englandworld! *sadface* So, as a farewell tribute to my temporarily adopted country (and to make James happy), I give you a week of monarchs! (Well, Queens, anyway.) And where else to start but with the Longest Reigning British Monarch Of All Time:

1887 Golden Jubilee Portrait

1844 with Princess Vicky (supposedly the oldest known photograph of Her Majesty)

1852 with Princesses Helena and Louise (she really was tiny!)

1854 Victoria and Prince Albert (some sources say a re-creation of their wedding, as photography wasn't exactly the thing in 1840) I'm amused at how their photographs together are always so sterile (the opposite of paintings). Here, V looks lovingly at Albert who seems to be commenting on the amount of dust on the table!

1857 Queen V and her daughter, Vicky

1861 Victoria and Albert (the year he died *sadface*) Another stellar example of a loving couple looking like two strangers at a bus stop.

1870s I find this one funny because I really don't see Her Majesty doing anything so menial in her spare time.

1890 Queen Vicky looking like a very huggable grandma

1897 Diamond Jubilee Portrait

1898 With her grandchildren Edward, George, and Mary

Apparently she even smiled on occasion:


willawisp said...

She does look worryingly like a bulldog in some of these doesn't she?!

Whyte Fairy said...

It's true, but in her later (really later) years I think she sort of took on the look of Everyone's Grandma.