Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Here She Comes!

Despite the, I suppose controversy would be the word, surrounding the continued inclusion of a bathing suit competition in the Miss Whatever Pageants and the objectification of women trying to win a scholarship and a spiffing crown, that's how it all started! It was a beauty contest, a search for the most beautiful babe on the beach! I give you (on the left) the 1926 Miss Universe! and (on the right- sorry about such terrible quality) Margaret Gorman, the very first Miss America, crowned in 1921!

As the Flapper movement gained momentum, those frowzy swimsuits from two days ago became shorter (though within (and sometimes not) legal limitations set in place for the preservation of morality) and CRAZIER! Going to the beach was not as much about swimming as it was being seen! Take a look at some of the wild ensembles these Bathing Beauties paraded down the boardwalk in.


1918 Virginia Warwick, Harriet Hammond, Phyllis Haver


Unknown and really well corseted (very NOT 1920s, but still fun!)

Unknown, but I think from a film set



And finally, the 1917 Bathing Girl Parade from sunny Seal Beach, California


willawisp said...

How much do I wish swimwear was still like this? I would commit several crimes for one of those corseted stripey numbers...

Whyte Fairy said...

*nods* I'll be your Lookout and drive the Getaway car!

willawisp said...

*beam* wow your mum was a ballet dancer? That fits so much. I never did ballet, but am actually thinking of taking it up again. If I won't look too ridiculous in a tutu now!

Latasha Eckert said...

I LOVE these old pics! And I wish women and men today still valued this less sexual brand of beauty!

and I want all of these swim suits!

Whyte Fairy said...

willawisp: I tried to get back into it my third year of Uni. I did a different kind of dance (more a conglomeration) in High School, and after that the grace and airiness of ballet was Very difficult- I'd love to give it another try though!

Latasha: UPDATE YOUR BLOG!! (please!) (even if you change the theme and whatnot) Do you care to help willawisp and I steal some of these?