Monday, 10 August 2009

Hogwarts! It's Kind of Like Going There!

For undergrad, I went to Binghamton U. Binghamton is made of brick and concrete and is ugly. Royal Holloway is also made of brick. This is one of those England-for-the-WIN moments.

Ok, so most of the campus is not made up of gorgeous buildings like this, but I'm going to fill the post with various views of this one in order to trick you into thinking it is. Go with it.

I'm still baffled by the sheer size of this building. Its HUGE! We just don't have things of this magnitude in the states. Sure, we have really tall buildings, but this one just sprawls on for miles. It has Two courtyards: one featuring a statue of Thomas Holloway, the founder (hence, it is called the Founder's building). The other one features a very unfortunately rain stained statue of Queen Victoria in her more frumpy stages of life. That was what greeted me, tired, hungry, far from home and lacking in friends, to England on my first afternoon when I decided to wander around my new campus. It was rather frightening. Anyway, I'm still in the habit of going into one of the courtyards and marveling at how large and impressive the building is. Then I remember that I can only see HALF of it.

That center bit there is the dining hall- a place I only ever ate during the Formal Hall dinner this spring. I kind of wish I had tried it during the year, but oh well.

The Chapel (which I have yet to take pictures of) is in the front of the building, and the Library is in the back!

I love this Library- old tables and chairs (I tried studying whilst sitting at a new chair- just didn't work) and a VAULTED ceiling! There are really high bookshelves, like, ladderworthy. But I suppose they are too much of a liability these days, so they are mostly empty up high. *sigh* Oh well. There are also notes near the windows saying that we are welcome to open the windows if we must, but please only a few inches because the pigeons will fly in! (The English have something against window screens)

I finally took a wander around the upper floors of the building the other day. Now I wish even more that I had been able to live there! I found (because the rooms were all empty and unlocked) the perfect room for myself! Up on the fourth floor (the servants quarters are on the fifth floor- I don't know what they're used for these days because they actually were locked) and tucked into a corner! Great view too.

During the Summer Ball, which I did not attend, from the outside with the strobe lights, etc., it looked like the Battle For Hogwarts was raging in the courtyard!

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