Thursday, 13 August 2009

Sepia Tones and Silver Frames

While writing my dissertation I have spent a considerable amount of time, well, NOT writing my dissertation. Rather, I have been working on the never ending chore (and I DO mean never ending) of organizing the almost 20,000 antique photographs I have saved onto my computer (some people juggle geese!). And so, good viewers (all 3ish of you) I (now that I have figured out this 'read more' gadget) shall commence sharing them with you!

To whet your appetites, we'll start with my personal favourite:Sadly, I'm starting this feature off by doing something that rather irritates me: Sharing a photograph with you but failing to provide any details. I shall endeavor to do this as much as possible in the future, but alas, she did not come with any. And now, a random selection of other pretties for your viewing pleasure and daily quota of crinolines and lace!

1844 Lady Mary Campbell
1860 Emeline du Fougeray & her husband

1880 The Great-grandmother of Lloyd Gunn

1900 From Bohemia

1920 Russian

1940 Bayou Bourbeaux Plantation, Louisiana, August

Agatha Roze (ca. 1904-1927)

1890s Swimsuits!

1953 John F. Kennedy Jr. and Jackie

1890s Apache Native Americans

And one last one with absolutely no information to offer! (personally, I'd place it in the 1890s)


Katie B said...

The little girl from Bohemia looks evil. Yikes.

willawisp said...

These are so brilliant... your collection sounds like a very good thing!

Whyte Fairy said...

Katie, I'll get to evil looking children in a few weeks....

willawisp, Thank you! I've always thought so. I have just spent so much time with the the past few weeks that I kind of wanted to share. Enjoy! :-D