Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Tea of the Day!

Darjeeling Black Tea (Wellcat): 3/5
"Mellow Black Tea"

Basic black tea. I dont know whether it was the cup or the tea, but it kind of tasted like soap. *shrugs* Not bad, but pretty uneventful. I'll add fun flavors to it at a later date.

Black Tea
"Black tea, called red tea in China because of the color of the drink it produces, is the variety most familiar to the Western world. After the leaves are plucked, they undergo withering on tryas placed in the sun or in a cool indoor space. The leaves are either rolled, twisted, and bruised or broken by hand, or chopped by machine into very small pieces by the CTC (cut-tear-curl) method. Either process releases enzymes that allow oxidation. Most tea is made using the CTC methode, which results in a tea that brews quickly. Next, the tea is spread out to ferment (oxidize). When it has turned a copper color, it is fired at a temperature of 120*F, turning the leaves black. Black tea is graded by size, color, and texture and whether the product is 'leaf' or 'broken.' The orange pekoe familiar to generations of American tea drinkers is a grade, not a flavor. Black tea varieties include Chinese Keemun and Yunnan, Ceylon from Sri Lanka, and Assam and Darjeeling, both grown in India."

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