Sunday, 9 August 2009

Tea of the Day!

Passion Fruit Napali Black Tea (Hawaiian Islands Tea Co.): 3/5

Ooo! Tea from Hawaii! It is a fairly strong and fairly bitter black tea, again, with less flavor than I would strictly prefer. The scent is kind of fruity (as one would hope with a fruit flavored tea), but almost like a baked fruit rather than fresh. I have never tried actual Passion Fruit, so unfortunately I am unable to make a comparison. It is another one of those teas which fools you into thinking it is sweet, but the sweet is all in the scent. A good tea, but nothing particularly remarkable.

Extra: Tea and Health
Tea has been considered an asset to health for as long as people have been drinking it. In the eighth century, Lu Yu, author of Ch'a Ching, credited tea as a topical remedy for sores and ulcers and as a way to ease depression. A seventeenth century English broadside asserted that tea would combat headaches, giddiness, heaviness, colds, dropsy, and scurvy, among a host of other claims. The fact that ea is made with boiling water-which kills bacteria- in itself made tea a healthy alternative to other drinks. But tea also has antioxidant properties and contains calcium, fluoride, and vitamins proven to reduce the risk of some kinds of cancer and heart disease, and even fight tooth decay and bad breath.

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