Monday, 17 August 2009

Tea of the Day!

Spearmint Leaf (Wellcat): 3.5/5

Spearmint is pretty self explanatory. It's another of those teas that is more smell than taste. It smells exactly like the gum (both hot and iced (the tea, not the gum)), nice and sweet. There was also an underlying green plant flavor that I could not nail down very well. It definitely was not sweet, nor was it particularly minty, due to most of the minty being, again, all in the smell. If anyone has any descriptive suggestions, please let me know. Not as effective on headaches as peppermint, but still quite yummy.

Extra: Tea Producers: India
India is the world's leading producer of tea, although its cultivation came rather late in tea history. The British wished to grow it commercially so as to break their dependence on China for tea. Chinese plants were introduced into India but did not fare well. Instead, the native Assam bush became the cornerstone of Indian tea production, and in 1838 the first consignment was sent to London. Assam, in the northeast, is today by far India's largest tea-producing region: Assam tea forms the base of many blends popular in the West, such as English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast.
Several other regions of India produce tea; the best known is Darjeeling (a small town surrounded by tea gardens), cultivated in the foothills of the Himalayas at altitudes of 3,000 to 6,000 feet. Darjeeling tea sometimes carries the name of the estate on which it was grown (such as Castleton or Margaret's Hope). Since it is expensive, most Darjeeling is blended with other teas before sale to the consumer. Nilgiri, grown in the Blue Mountains of southwestern India, and Dooar are also popular Indian teas.

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