Friday, 21 August 2009

Tea of the Day!

Rooibus Tea (Wellcat): 2/5
"No caffeine: A soothing digestive and sleep aid"

Dried, Rooibus smells very sweet. Hot, it has a bit of a vanillay (?) aftertaste. I think. That's the closest thing I can think of. I can see this tea being very good with added flavors, but I'm not so much a fan of it plain. I can not testify to it being a soothing digestive and sleep aid either. But it is a very smooth tea, the aftertaste, whatever you decide it is, almost feels like some sort of flavored milk was added. Or something. It's a very creamy taste. Updates on how it tastes with added herbs will follow later.

Extra: Three of America's first millionaires, including John Jacob Astor of New York [Not the one on the Titanic- one of his ancestors], earned their fortunes from the China tea trade in the early nineteenth century because they bought tea directly from China an bypassed the powerful East India Company.

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woodlandwalker said...

I've got the choco-mint bundle drying in my room--hung from the bookshelf and everything. Sadly, my mom's Basil got eated by the bugs. (I just typed got eated by the's like kindgergarden all over again!)