Monday, 24 August 2009

Tea of the Day!

Orange Spice Tea (Wellcat, Bigelow): 5/5!
"Ceylon (Estate) Tea, Orange Peel, Orange Oil, Clovebud Oil"

Wow. Blackberry and Jasmine now have a new companion. I was not expecting anything from this tea; I thought, oooo, another spice tea, whoopee. I think it's the clovebud oil that does it. The taste is nice, but the aftertaste includes this tingly kick! Also, the tea smells amazing, again, the scent of the orange mixed with cloves...mmmm (also, I combine those ingredients plus others to make an amazing spiced apple cider, so I should have known the combination was a good one). A very warm and flavorful tea, but beware, both the loose tea that I have and (So I was told) Celestial seasonings' Orange spice tend to be fairly weak teas. If you like them strong, like I do, make sure you either add more to your tea infuser and/or steep it longer. The Bigelow tea works well when you have no access to the loose tea; I'll give it a 4.5/5.

Extra: Considered by many connoisseurs as the most complex type of tea, oolongs have a taste stronger than green tea but more delicate than black tea.

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Bigelow Tea said...

So glad you enjoyed the Orange & Spice herb tea...what a great review.

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