Monday, 31 August 2009

Tea of the Day!

Gunpowder Green Tea (Wellcat): 3.5/5
"A Truly mellow and refined tea"

Tastes like Green tea. It's very smooth, in that it is not grainy, like Korean Green teas tend to be. I dont really know what else to say about this one, except that it is much better than green tea from a bag. And, as you will read below, it comes in tiny pellets, which is kind of cool looking.

Extra: Green Tea
Green teas hint at the freshness of newly plucked leaves, retaining their original chraacter because they do not undergo oxidation. As soon as the leaves are picked, they are steamed or pan-fired, which destroys the enzymes that allow oxidation. They are next rolled or twisted into different shapes: for example, Dragon's Well has flat leaves, pi lo chun is spiral, gyokuru (Pearl Dew) looks like pine needles, Gunpowder is formed into tiny balls, and Celestial Peach Ball is rolled into a larger sphere that resembles a peach. Finally, the leaves are fired to further dry them.
Most green tea is produced in China, Taiwan, Japan, and India. It is ubiquitous in China, although only about 20 percent of tea drinkers consume it worldwide. A powdered version of green tea, matcha, is used in the Japanese tea ceremony. Japan also produces gen mai cha, a mixture of green tea and toasted rice. To preserve its distinctive flavor, green tea shoulc be made with water heated until just before boiling.

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