Thursday, 24 September 2009

Bicycle Races Are Coming Your Way

The 1890s, according to how many photographs I have of bicycles, look to have been the golden age of cycling. I guess with the rise in popularity of the car, people drove them just because they could. Or something. Thoughts?

1880s A Bicycle Built for Two

1895 Miss Hutton on her Bicycle,
youngest member of an international cycling match for England.


1896 A Rudge-Whitworth Sociable Bicycle


1898 Mrs David Felt & Daughter, Springville, UT

1898 with a Fantastic hat!

1899 How much ob dis road am you 'titled to, suh?
(I can't quite see, but I think this is one of the terribly racist stereoscopic images that were created in the post-slavery decades to point out just how uneducated and in need of the hand of white guidance the African Americans were.
If you find it offensive, please let me know and I shall remove it.)


1940s Wartime vacations; Sunday cyclists in East Potomac Park; Washington, D.C.

Tea of the Day!

Cinnamon Stick Tea (Bigelow): 4/5

Black tea and cinnamon

It's not as good as the cinnamon tea that they serve at the sushi place in Hatboro, which is just as cinnamony, but SWEET. I added a spoonful of honey to the tea in an attempt to replicate the sweet tea, but to no avail. A lot of flavored black teas end up tasting like black tea with a little something extra- which, when I get black tea flavored like apricots, I want tea that at least hints at the taste of apricots. This tea tasted like CINNAMON. Which is what was advertised and therefore what I wanted. So yay for that. I didn't find the cinnamon overpowering, though some might, in which case, take out the teabag and in the worst case, add a little more hot water to dilute it. Definitely a great cup of tea.

Extra: "There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Boys on Bikes!

I miss riding my bicycle. I should find it and go to a state park or something... I love some of these old bikes. :)


1900s Father and Son

1919 Equipped with the fastest steed of days past, Peter Bruner was the fleet and much-wanted messenger Boy of Miami University folks.



Unknown has two wheels.....

Frank Archer and a Friend

John M. Stout - Champion Fancy Star Bicycle Rider of the World

1901: Kaufmann Trick Cyclists at the London Hippodrome

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tea of the Day!

Green Tea with Orange and Lotus Flower (Twinings) 4/5

Suggestions from the package: Leave to infuse for no more than two minutes to ensure you get a light, delicate, fresh taste

The smell is tantalizing: like warm citrus. I use the term citrus because though it claims to be orange, it has the sweetness of a clementine with the zip of a lemon! It has a fresh flavor. Has anyone ever had orange or lemon flavored cereal? My sister had one that she loved when we were little (sorry I don't have a better description than that) and every now and then hints of that citrus combined with grain that I suppose sounds not the most exciting but really tasted good would peek out. It is a very perky tea that will really wake you up and is very highly recommended.

Extra: The Dutch East India Company formed in 1602, with bases in Japan and Indonesia. This company brought the first tea (a Japanese green tea) to Europe in 1610, and by mid-century tea had become a fashionable drink among the wealthy of Holland. By century's end the price had dropped considerably , and tea was sold in ordinary Dutch markets. At the same time, the Dutch were selling tea to other European countries, including France (where a well-known doctor derided it as 'the impertinent novelty of the century') and Germany.
The first shipment of tea arrived in England in 1658. Charles II, who had spent some of his time in exile in Holland during Cromwell's reign, was crowned king of England in 1661. Charles was a tea drinker, and his Portuguese wife, Catherine of Braganza, introduced tea to the British aristocracy. By the eighteenth century, tea had completed its rout of ale and coffee as the favored beverage in England.

Monday, 14 September 2009

I want to ride my BICYCLE!

Ok. So, I thought I could keep up the previous rate of postings, even with the Faire every weekend from here until Halloween. I really can't- I just don't spend that kind of time on the computer whilst I'm home. As such, I shall endeavor to post photos 3 times a week, and tea twice (if there is a preference for the other way around, let me know, and I'll see what I can do).

Also- postFaire day = SO TIRED! *zombie*

And now: BICYCLES! (you'll have to add Queen in your own imagination)

1898 Here they come!


1853 Lodewijk Asser

1870s and a puppy!



1908 A telegraph messenger boy working at 10 p.m. by Lewis Wickes Hine


1940s Wartime vacations; Sunday cyclists watching sailboats
at Haines Point; Washington, D.C.

"Nude on a Bike"

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A Special Request

Well, since I've screwed up the possibility of any sort of theme for this week, you, my lovely viewers, get another week of random photographs!

More importantly: My Special Request

Many of you, your mothers, or your grandmothers probably have bags of ten year old scratchy yarn in your attic that 'someone' will do 'something' with 'someday'. I'm currently working on making scarves and blankets to donate, and I was wondering if anyone out there would be willing to donate their unwanted yarn to my spare time? Pretty Pretty Please?

and now, the rest of the post:

1850 Ann Minerva 'Nannie' Rodgers Macomb

1870 Ellen Fanny Rendall

1890 George O. 'Doc' Hancock, Charlie, Ethel, Nancy Evelyn, George, Arthur, Tom

1910 Alice Ware

1930 Reverend L.M. Doreen

1950s Painters and decorators, Marsh's estate, Kingswinford, West Midlands

1856 "Wild Flowers" by Mark Anthony

Unknown Wedding

Unknown laughing girl in the shrubs

The Land of the Free and the Home of the All Night Diner

And now I'm home! Back in America! I landed in Philly this time, but last time I landed in Newark, right near New York, and I got to see the Statue of Liberty out the window of the airplane as I landed. It was really neat. So, to follow up from last/this weeks Monarchs, I give you, American Presidents! (and the pretty Lady)

1843 John Quincy Adams, the 6th President, and the first to be photgraphed

1849 James Knox Polk, 11th President

1860 Abraham Lincoln, sans beard. 16th President

1864 Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant standing by a tree in front of a tent, Cold Harbor, Va. Future 18th President

1865 James A. Garfield and daughter, 20th President

1900 William McKinley in the White House, 25th President

Teddy Roosevelt, 26th President

1908 William Howard Taft, 27th President

1916 President Woodrow Wilson throwing out the first ball, opening day, 28th President

1958 John Kennedy and Caroline, 35th President