Thursday, 24 September 2009

Bicycle Races Are Coming Your Way

The 1890s, according to how many photographs I have of bicycles, look to have been the golden age of cycling. I guess with the rise in popularity of the car, people drove them just because they could. Or something. Thoughts?

1880s A Bicycle Built for Two

1895 Miss Hutton on her Bicycle,
youngest member of an international cycling match for England.


1896 A Rudge-Whitworth Sociable Bicycle


1898 Mrs David Felt & Daughter, Springville, UT

1898 with a Fantastic hat!

1899 How much ob dis road am you 'titled to, suh?
(I can't quite see, but I think this is one of the terribly racist stereoscopic images that were created in the post-slavery decades to point out just how uneducated and in need of the hand of white guidance the African Americans were.
If you find it offensive, please let me know and I shall remove it.)


1940s Wartime vacations; Sunday cyclists in East Potomac Park; Washington, D.C.

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