Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Tea of the Day!

Cherry Blossom (Harney and Sons): 5/5!

Green Tea infused with Cherry flavor (unfortunately, that's as specific as it got, so I cant say what kind of 'flavor' they used). Amazing. Spring in a cup (that's actually what it's advertised as, but it's very true). Initially it smells like something Strawberries and Cream, but doesn't taste like it. It is a very full and smooth tea. Nice and sweet, while still retaining it's "I'm green tea" quality. Harney & Sons has finally put it on their website! So now I can stop rationing my tin... I still need to try it as an iced tea.

Extra: Flavored Teas:
Although Lu Yu wrote in his eighth-century tea classic Ch'a Ching that adding other plants to tea - he mentioned onion, ginger, and orange peel - turned the resulting drink into gutter swill, flavored teas have been popular at least since his time. Today, in the West, Earl Grey is perhaps the best-known flavored tea: to make it, oil of bergamot, pressed from a small Chinese citrus fruit, is added to black tea. The recipe is said to have been given to Charles Grey, a British earl, by a Chinese friend, but Earl Grey tea is rarely drunk in China. Imperial Russian tea is similarly scented. Flower teas include rose tea, in which petals are mixed with black tea before the final drying period; jasmine tea, a mixture of green tea and jasmine flowers; and chrysanthemum tea, made with pu-erh-style black tea or from dried chrysanthemum petals infused by themselves. Lychee and lotus are other common flavorings.


willawisp said...

Hey! Glad you like the tights - they were a particularly successful Ebay buy :)
My cat! She is ten (they think) but she looks younger because she is so little and cute - black and dark ginger with a white bib and white back feet (or socks as I like to think of them :) ) She is called Freckles and came out purring and begging for attention when we went to see her - I think she just really wants someone to look after her! And the lady who fosters her also has 6 new, and I mean they've only just opened their eyes, kittens all a different colour - they were adorable, but I still wanted to take Freckles home the most. I can't wait to picke her up! Can't believe I did without a cat for so long...

Whyte Fairy said...

Oh yay! She sounds like such a sweetie! I hope things work out well for her. :)

ps: come to campus on Friday! :-D