Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tea of the Day!

Green Tea with Orange and Lotus Flower (Twinings) 4/5

Suggestions from the package: Leave to infuse for no more than two minutes to ensure you get a light, delicate, fresh taste

The smell is tantalizing: like warm citrus. I use the term citrus because though it claims to be orange, it has the sweetness of a clementine with the zip of a lemon! It has a fresh flavor. Has anyone ever had orange or lemon flavored cereal? My sister had one that she loved when we were little (sorry I don't have a better description than that) and every now and then hints of that citrus combined with grain that I suppose sounds not the most exciting but really tasted good would peek out. It is a very perky tea that will really wake you up and is very highly recommended.

Extra: The Dutch East India Company formed in 1602, with bases in Japan and Indonesia. This company brought the first tea (a Japanese green tea) to Europe in 1610, and by mid-century tea had become a fashionable drink among the wealthy of Holland. By century's end the price had dropped considerably , and tea was sold in ordinary Dutch markets. At the same time, the Dutch were selling tea to other European countries, including France (where a well-known doctor derided it as 'the impertinent novelty of the century') and Germany.
The first shipment of tea arrived in England in 1658. Charles II, who had spent some of his time in exile in Holland during Cromwell's reign, was crowned king of England in 1661. Charles was a tea drinker, and his Portuguese wife, Catherine of Braganza, introduced tea to the British aristocracy. By the eighteenth century, tea had completed its rout of ale and coffee as the favored beverage in England.

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