Saturday, 31 October 2009


Halloween Greetings from:

Betty Grable

Clara Bow

Shirley Temple

Grace Bradley

Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West

And, of course, Myself and my Bitty Pumpkin!
(Sorry, No photo for that one- I never got around to getting one taken yesterday.)

I WAS going to send you lovely Halloween greetings from our costume contest winner, but as ALMOST NO ONE voted, instead I send out special Halloween love to LaTasha and Heremie for voting. <3!>

Friday, 30 October 2009

And the Gone...

Doctoring photos is nothing new. As long as there has been photography, people have been doing strange things to them. And on Halloween, all the ghosts of the past come back to haunt us!

1875 Woman with Daisies and Spirit

1893 Couple with the Spirit of an Old Family Doctor who Died Around 1880

1872 Lady Helena Newenham and the Spirit of Her Daughter

1868 Mrs. French of Boston with Spirit Son

1870 Man Reading with Female Spirit Behind

1868 Mrs. Conant of Banner of Light. Her Brother, Charles H. Crowell

And just because I can:

Is there even a point to me putting the link to the Costume Contest here? Somehow I don't think so... :(

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Tea of the Day!

Constant Comment Green Tea (Bigelow): 3.5/5

I LOVE Constant Comment. And while Constant Comment Green is more than just nummy, Constant Comment it is not. It's a lovely citrusy, spicy tea- basically just like Constant Comment, but Green. I think it's the mellowness of the Green tea vs. the bitterness of the Black tea that makes the difference. It's more soothing than Woo! Orangy Spice! Definitely a fantastic choice for a cold afternoon!

Extra: Tea can be used to poach fish, as a rub for meat, and to make a marinade, adding a unique flavor. (I've known this for a while, but have yet to try it. I worked with a girl who supposedly made great Earl Gray Lemon cookies. One of these days I'll get around to making Hibiscuits!)

And just so we don't forget (I only have TWO votes, so far, people! TWO!), I still need votes for the costume contest! To make it easier for you to find, have a link: Costume Contest!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Dead

The Victorians were very familiar with Death- not necessarily more than others, but less than many of us today. One part of Victorian mourning culture was the post-mortem photograph, an image of a loved one in their final days physically above ground. I don't have too many of these, as looking through the websites gets a bit morbid for me.

1870s Postmortem photograph of a little boy's dog






Castleton, Vermont

Butler, Missouri



The creepiest I've ever seen are photos in which a parent is holding a child, and the child is not the deceased. However, I have not had it in me to save one of those. Perhaps someday...

Don't forget to check out Monday's post and vote for your favourite Costume!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tea of the Day!

Seriously- I know you're out there, reading my blog. Please comment? Pretty Please?

Egyptian Camomile and Apple (Twinings): 1/5

Sorry guys, but I could not even finish the cup. (Woodland Walker's mum, however, loves it!) I think mostly I'm just not a fan of Camomile +, though I figured something with apples in it couldn't be too terrible. I find that it tasted very sweet (without having added any sweetener) and like stinky, stinky feet. Almost like something rotten in a teacup. But, again, that's just my opinion.

Extra: Cinnamon was valued more highly than gold in ancient Egypt. ~Celestial Seasonings

Monday, 26 October 2009

Costume Contest!

And now for the moment you've all been dreading: I need YOUR comments (yes, you, right there!) voting on who has the best costume for the Halloween Party! The winner will be announced Halloween morn:

1) Two Cackling Witches

2) A Classic Ghost!

3) The Beach Patrol


5) A Terrifying Space Monkey! (from 1959- he lived, too!)

6)A Pinball Machine (1930s, Germany)

7) Leftovers!

8) A Horse, Of Course

9) The Devil Himself!

10) Donkey, the Storyteller?

11) Mmlle Pyrole from the Casino de Paris as the Queen of the Starfish

12)Super Chicken! (1890)

13) Rule, Britannia!

14) That Good 'ol Ball and Chain (Dodge Sisters)

15) Cousin It

16)A Wicked Little Witch!

17) Alla Nazimova as a Bunny!

18)Brigitte Helm as a 1927 version of C3PO

19) The Bride of Frankenstein!

And Finally 20) A Coven of Witches at the Home of the Aged in Norfolk, England

Please Vote!!

Travels and Chimneys!

At the insistence of James, I will now share with you some pictures from our travels about the countryside. To begin with, because he did not turn the car around and park so that I could take pictures of nifty chimneys for nothing, I give you: Nifty Chimneys! (Do click on the image so you can see the details on the chimneys!)

That was from the day we went to Shere (though that gorgeous row of buildings that I would totally live in is not in Shere). If you've seen 'The Holiday', then you know the town I'm talking about. When Cameron Diaz first goes to the quaint little town and is dropped out outside of a church- that's Shere! They have a cute little duck themed tea house that sold bread to feed the ducks in the stream! It was early spring and definitely mating season- There was one mallard who really wanted to eat the bread, but his Lady was napping, and he refused to leave her side to get the bread. :)

This was the first graveyard in Englandworld that I actually had
a bit of a chance to run about in! We went inside the church, which had this cute little lady in it:
Despite not being Christian, I'd always enjoyed the idea of being buried in the floor of a church, though that could just be me being obsessed with the past... Here are a few more views of Shere:

How did we end up finding such fantastic chimneys after visiting Shere, you ask? Well, on the way in, I was taking in the fine English scenery and caught sight of this gem:

I do apologize for the tiny picture- tis the best I can do, as you're not allowed near the place, let alone inside it. It apparently is the Catholic Apostolic Church of the Albury Parish (having nothing to do with the Roman Catholic Church- just so we're clear) and is (sadly I cannot provide the exact quotation as I am unable to find it again) existing in a period of silence until the second coming. Basically there is a gorgeous church from the mid 19th century (not authentic medieval gothic) that is just sitting there unused indefinitely... Anyway, then we just kept going down the road and then it stopped being paved and the GPS was getting really twitchy about the whole situation and insisting we turn around at once. We would have kept going were it not for the threat of runing out of petrol...