Monday, 26 October 2009

Costume Contest!

And now for the moment you've all been dreading: I need YOUR comments (yes, you, right there!) voting on who has the best costume for the Halloween Party! The winner will be announced Halloween morn:

1) Two Cackling Witches

2) A Classic Ghost!

3) The Beach Patrol


5) A Terrifying Space Monkey! (from 1959- he lived, too!)

6)A Pinball Machine (1930s, Germany)

7) Leftovers!

8) A Horse, Of Course

9) The Devil Himself!

10) Donkey, the Storyteller?

11) Mmlle Pyrole from the Casino de Paris as the Queen of the Starfish

12)Super Chicken! (1890)

13) Rule, Britannia!

14) That Good 'ol Ball and Chain (Dodge Sisters)

15) Cousin It

16)A Wicked Little Witch!

17) Alla Nazimova as a Bunny!

18)Brigitte Helm as a 1927 version of C3PO

19) The Bride of Frankenstein!

And Finally 20) A Coven of Witches at the Home of the Aged in Norfolk, England

Please Vote!!


Latasha Eckert said...

good ol ball n chain, fo sho! that cracks me up, i might have to be that this halloween!

heremie11 said...

Hahaha eventhough I read through the whole thing I am still voting for the water skiing batwomen, oh ok the witches but I still say they can play batgirl anytime! Though I do have to say most of them cracked me up.