Monday, 19 October 2009

Happy Me Day!

Today at 8:22 am 24 years ago, my mother finished up over 15 hours of labor and brought me into the world. I was having difficulty coming up with a theme for this week, (Katie, I'm sorry but it turns out I really just don't have much in the way of 'school' themed photographs) and I've decided upon dolls. I spent most of my life asking for dolls for my birthday, and now Rachel won't go in my room because they're looking at her. Or something like that. :-P So here you are: Creepy children and their creepy dolls.



1850 Laura Evelyn Morse

1865 France

1870 (though I do wonder about the accuracy of this date)


1890 Margaret Fox

1903 The title of this photo is 'Maternal Instinct', which is really rather racist...

1910 Louise, Mary, and Dorothy Reagan
(not related to the President)


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