Tuesday, 13 October 2009

More Kitties!

Spirit is sitting here glaring at me, wondering why I'm looking at cats on the computer rather than paying attention to the one right in front of me (also known as the one who drinks the water from my cup whilst I'm in bed and eats the baby's breath from my bouquet of roses). I met a kitty named Pumpkin at PetCents the other day; she is a lovely tortiseshell cat and super friendly- I wished so much that I could have taken her home, but alas, it cannot be. Therefore, I wish that someone will adopt her soon and will give her all the love she wants and more.

Willawisp, how is Freckles? I wish I could meet her. :)
The Whites, if you read this, give my love to Boo and Scapey!

Kitty Photos!

1950: Child wants photo taken with cat. Cat is not likewise inclined.

1952: USSR


I never specified House Cats


Yet for some reason it says sauteed RABBIT....

I would guess the 1910s

There really is a cat in there. It just refused to stay still.


It looks like I will have enough for a third post! Yay!

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