Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tea of the Day!

Pomegranate Green Tea (Wellcat): 4/5!

The sales record for this tea speaks for itself: it has sold off the shelf at least once a day for the past three weekends! It is a green tea (obviously), which I personally find to be more flavorful teas- the tea flavor itself overpowers the advertised flavor less. Dried it smells sweet sweet sweet! (Spirit the Cat would like to say hello to everyone) The brewed product carries the same sweet scent. As we know, I like my teas rather strong most of the time, so I'm getting a bit of bitterness to the tea that you wont get if you take out the infuser in a timely fashion. Under that, it is another one of those teas that just gives you a burst of sweetness as it hits the back of your tongue! I have not had a pomegranate in a rather long time, so I cannot honestly compare the tastes. All I can do is highly recommend this tea to all and sundry! (Bigelow also has a P. Green tea, however, as I already had a jar of the loose, I was not about to buy a box of the bagged product and thus have not sampled it (though, it being Bigelow, I would imagine it would receive just as high of a rating). However, if you don't feel like ordering online/going to the PA Renaissance Faire for your P. Green tea, now you have an alternative!

Extra: When buying loose-leaf teas, buy little and often rather than risk having larger quantities spoil at home. Tea tries out quickly when stored in small tins. (I didn't know that! Good thing I have smallish bottles to house most of my teas!)

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