Monday, 26 October 2009

Travels and Chimneys!

At the insistence of James, I will now share with you some pictures from our travels about the countryside. To begin with, because he did not turn the car around and park so that I could take pictures of nifty chimneys for nothing, I give you: Nifty Chimneys! (Do click on the image so you can see the details on the chimneys!)

That was from the day we went to Shere (though that gorgeous row of buildings that I would totally live in is not in Shere). If you've seen 'The Holiday', then you know the town I'm talking about. When Cameron Diaz first goes to the quaint little town and is dropped out outside of a church- that's Shere! They have a cute little duck themed tea house that sold bread to feed the ducks in the stream! It was early spring and definitely mating season- There was one mallard who really wanted to eat the bread, but his Lady was napping, and he refused to leave her side to get the bread. :)

This was the first graveyard in Englandworld that I actually had
a bit of a chance to run about in! We went inside the church, which had this cute little lady in it:
Despite not being Christian, I'd always enjoyed the idea of being buried in the floor of a church, though that could just be me being obsessed with the past... Here are a few more views of Shere:

How did we end up finding such fantastic chimneys after visiting Shere, you ask? Well, on the way in, I was taking in the fine English scenery and caught sight of this gem:

I do apologize for the tiny picture- tis the best I can do, as you're not allowed near the place, let alone inside it. It apparently is the Catholic Apostolic Church of the Albury Parish (having nothing to do with the Roman Catholic Church- just so we're clear) and is (sadly I cannot provide the exact quotation as I am unable to find it again) existing in a period of silence until the second coming. Basically there is a gorgeous church from the mid 19th century (not authentic medieval gothic) that is just sitting there unused indefinitely... Anyway, then we just kept going down the road and then it stopped being paved and the GPS was getting really twitchy about the whole situation and insisting we turn around at once. We would have kept going were it not for the threat of runing out of petrol...

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