Friday, 27 November 2009

And Just To Round Out The Week:

I hope everyone had a lovely day yesterday! (If not, let me know and we'll gripe sometime ;) ) Also, it finally smells like winter.

Paiute group at Reno

1876: An Osage Man, Black Dog

1910: A Nuu-chah-nulth Whaler

1906: Albert Waters, Nez Perce

1904: Navajo Woman

1872: Eagle Man, Nakota

1871: Mojave

1891 Miniconjou Group

1907 Maricopa Saguaro Gatherers

1910 Kwakwaka'wakw woman gathering abalones in Washington

1923 Klamath Man


heremie11 said...

so i am posting something so you know people read, well as least i read. by the way rich said you haven't called, just a reminder ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey there, darling,
Sooo...I think the theme of the week has been, "Alison still has practicum, but doesn't have class anymore, and *really* doesn't want to score assessments or write psychoeducational reports". Roughly translated, that equates to: "My sister has undertaken an artistic entrepreneurial adventure. Support! Support!"

So, I was trying to figure out how other creators of faery goods sell their products on Etsy, and wrote to the artist of this shop: . Her reply is as follows:

"Hi Alison,

As far as advice goes it is all about promotion and knowing how to set your prices. I just attended some seminars at Columbus College of Art and Design on marketing and pricing art. What they basically told us (in three weekends) was:

*women almost always undervalue their art - they lowball
*setting a higher price instills value in the piece...if you make your prices too cheap, people assume it is cheap work, rather than a deal. If you are going to price things low, always give the actual value and point out that it is a SALE.
*price stuff based on comparable competition, supplies, hourly spent working on it, etc
*network network network. Get yourself out there and ask other people about their work. That way you are forming a connection, rather than just out advertising. It can develop into collaboration, or sales, or just knowing someone who knows someone.

As far as Etsy goes, the one thing I have found helpful that someone told me starting up is to only post one thing a day. That way you get more "face-time" on the front page.

I'm not a great promoter, I'm still working through this pricing stuff, and building up an inventory, but I have done okay this past year. I've sold almost all the faerie stuff I've made, which is a great motivator.

I have never created exact duplicates of anything I've made. I'm a learner, and usually I make something to try and solve a problem and then once I've figured out the solution, I'm done. Also, I use a lot of odds and ends that I've accumulated, or recycled so sometimes I don't have the supplies to exactly replicate something.

However, some of my wings...I have built templates for a few of the designs. They are all handmade by me personally, so they won't be exactly alike, but if there is something you really liked and it sold, I will do my best to recreate it, or if requested, add to it.

Thanks for getting in touch with me. I always like to talk to local artists. If you get a chance, you should hit up "Handmade Holidays" at C-Space (Jefferson St, downtown) this year. I sold there last year, and most of the artists are very friendly and willing to share tips.


Love you!

~Dark Fae

Whyte Fairy said...

Thank you, so much! :-D I did check around to see what other vendors were charging for the hair-pieces before pricing them. I also considered what I would like to pay for one, as well as the fact that I get a lot of my supplies by windfall- so I was hoping that not having put put out much money I could attract customers by not charging much money. I suppose I should re-evaluate that.

As to only posting one day at a time, yes, I have noticed a definite drop in how many people are viewing my products since I havent posted anything for a few days. I have a bunch of jewelry I need to photograph and post, so I'll string that out over several days.

Dave also went hunting on the post office webshop and found that I could get boxes and envelopes for free! I've ordered some, so when they get here I'll take them to the post office to be re-weighed, hopefully I'll be able to drop my shipping rates. I'm going to creat a facebook page as well (maybe even later today!)

The rumour mill also told me that you might be coming back to this part of the world sometime next month??????? *hopeful*

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

ps: I love you. Do you (school)work! :-D