Monday, 16 November 2009

I Love Fishes...Or not...

As per my brother's request, this weeks posts were supposed to feature his favourite thing: Fish! However, I have just now concluded that I am sadly lacking in old photographs of people and their finest catches. That being said, this weeks theme will (naturally) feature Musical Instruments!

1840s Early Accordion

1857 Min Baker with another accordion shaped thinger

1860s Callie Richardson with a Tambourine. I'm really intrigued by this photograph and her dress. I wish I could find out more about her.


1894 Un Solo (avec some kind of backwards trombone?)

1900 I'se come from Louisiana with my banjo on my knee

1912 Germany

1922 Piano

1935 Blind street musicians, West Memphis, Arkansas, Sept.

1951 L'Accordeoniste, rue Mouffetard Doisneau


Anonymous said...

Does this count?

Dark Fae

Whyte Fairy said...

GEEP! LOVE! :-D Thank you muchly! <3

Anonymous said...

*hugs* You are very welcome. :)

heremie11 said...

hey hey i think you first couple of dates are off by a 100 years or so.