Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I Still Hate Thanksgiving..

but we'll continue with this, because it's fun.

1907 Yaqui Girl

1910 Wish-Ham Boy

1924 Datsolali, a Washo Basket-maker

1865 Chief Ouray & Chipela, Ute

1910 Umatilla Boy

1910 Tlakluit Indian woman, sitting on ground, placing salmon fillets

1907 Sioux

1869 Shoshone Man

1913 Quinault Woman

1921 Hopi Girl


Anonymous said...

Love it! Thank you, darling.

Btw, I had some ideas that might draw in more customers to your Etsy shop...let's chat soon?

~Dark Fae

Whyte Fairy said...

Yes, please! Any input would be lovely!

Anonymous said...

So...I'm not sure if you'll like please don't yell at me...buuuut...I think the anime/cosplay and cyber goth communities might go beserk over your faery hair--especially with your incredibly reasonable prices! I know that the faery hair was intended as *faery* hair, so I wasn't sure if it would make you sad to see it incorporated into other visuals and aesthetics, hence my hesitation. However, maybe diversifying your tags might bring in more customers?

Also, we know that many pagans, especially the younger ones, like to incorporate fantasy into their spiritual practice, right? The Witches' Voice (www dot witchvox dot com) has a Pagan Merchants section, and I'm fairly sure you can list your shop for free there. I'll keep scouring what's free and available for you, and let you know what I find.

Love you much,
Dark Fae

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I almost forgot. A lot of people are getting more into "shopping green," and try to buy local whenever possible. Thus, if you add your location, someone in the area can use Etsy's "shop local" button, and your store will come up. :)

~Dark Fae

Whyte Fairy said...

Ooooooo! I knew that other groups use the fairy hair, but I just didn't think of it whilst tagging. I'll take a look at some other peoples' products to see what other tags I can use! And thanks for the tip about witchvox! :-D <3