Thursday, 19 November 2009


As much as I love you all, (even if you won't (for the most part) reveal who you are) I'm really tired, so I have no witty or exciting sounding banter today. Just more old photographs of people with their musical instruments. Mayhap the memory of their images will lull me quickly to sleep.


Starlets! The label on the photograph says Kid Millions Trio.
I'm assuming it has something to do with the show.

1897 by Louise Binder-Mestro, 'Vielle Chanson'. Her costume is 1830s ish

1931 Two Couples Swing-Dancing by the Riverside in the UK

1860s Snake Charmers, Unknown Location

1860s Harpist!

1895 Village Orchestra of Ruthenian and Jewish musicians, Verecke, Bereg County

1900 Oscar Page, a logger from Wendling, Oregon,
with his Port Townsend built Symphony Harp Guitar

1912 'Menuett'. Costumes are, I believe, Regency period

1925 Harrison Emanuel

1935 Elementary School Orchestra

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