Tuesday, 3 November 2009

No Ren Faire No Longer....

So, the Faire has finished, I'm back home on the weekends, and working full time at Barnes and Noble! :( I would absolutely work at the Faire if it was open year round (and the terrible coldness would give me something extra to complain about!)!

On that note, as much as I love getting dressed up and playing the part on the weekends, I have very much gotten over the 'I was born in the wrong time' mentality. Let me tell you why I enjoy living now:

1: Always.

2: I am terribly near sighted. 9 inches away and I cannot distinguish who you are. I enjoy having glasses and the option for contact lenses even more. I like being able to see. It's nice.

3: I love long skirts, this we know. But I also love the option to NOT wear one when I'm going to be out all day in the rain. An inch of water on the bottoms of my trousers can be ignored. Three layers of skirts soaked through almost to my knees cannot. Also, running, jumping and climbing trees (as well as the makeup bit, for those of you who are in to it), much easier in trousers, or even shorter skirts.

4: Chocolate. During the late Renaissance, only the very wealthy with the right connections to the right trading companies and monasteries could afford something akin to what we understand as chocolate today. I prefer my chocolate without chili powder in it, thank you.

5: Central heating. Not that we use it very much in my current residence. But it is available, and requires no chopping of frozen wood. Also- Microwaves.

6: I am free to marry whomever I want. Or not. And if I want to be an astronaut and go in to outer space, I can do that too.

7: Modern preservation methods. Let's face it, if the bread is moldy, you throw it out. Unless of course that's your bread for the week, and you need to feed your family on something, and you wont have the money to buy the flour until next week, or, for that matter, have run completely out of grain to be ground into flour and the harvest has not come yet. Then you eat the moldy bread. Weevils and all. *gag*

8: Voting!

9: I would have died at 16 from a burst appendix. The appendix was not even identified as part of the human body until 1522. The first operations to include the removal of an appendix (but not for appendicitis) occurred in the early 18th century- and I'm fairly happy about not having to have been operated on back then as well. The first appendix to be removed because of appendicitis was in 1884, and the patient died anyway. :( Let's hear it for modern medicine.

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