Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Tea of the Day! (Sort of)

Today's tea of the day is not quite a tea- ok, it's not actually a tea at all, but it does involve an herb often used for teas: Spearmint!

Spearmint Shampoo/Conditioner (Wellcat) 6/5!

Ok, we all know how much Guenevere loves her hair, right? Well, Guenevere also loves spearmint, so she tried Wellcat's Spearmint shampoo/conditioner! WOW! My hair has not looked this nice since... well, ever! I don't use it every day, but alternate with a cheap shampoo/various pricey conditioners (all of which I have used before, and they do all right on their own, but not terrific). The fun thing about spearmint is that it stimulates the scalp, so even if my hair doesn't actually want to grow anymore, what there is has definitely been looking nicer and has actually had more volume! And I think it might have actually gotten a bit longer! So for everyone out there who gets frustrated by their frazzly, knotty hair, TRY THIS. *happy hair dance*

ps: So I told you all about how well Horehound and Wild Cherry Bark work great against coughing and congestion, so you all ran out and bought some and realized that I was, in fact, correct: It tastes TERRIBLE. So I thought about it, and concluded: What frequently used 'tea' ingredient takes over the flavor of whatever said beverage is supposed to taste like? Hibiscus flowers. Conveniently, I have a jar of them, so I piled them in, hoping to cover up the yuk. DOES. NOT WORK. If anything, it tasted worse! I added some honey to that, and it didn't taste better, but it did make it a little less bad. Though, adding honey without the hibiscus flowers doesnt really do anything either. Plegh.

Extra: True Earl Grey tea is a blend of fruity Darjeeling black tea with oil of bergamot, a Chinese bitter orange.

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