Thursday, 5 November 2009

Tea of the Day!

Horehound and Wild Cherry Bark (Wellcat): 5/5!

Don't let the rating mislead you. This mixture tastes TERRIBLE! However: It works MIRACLES on colds. I had a customer ask me once about what Horehound was good for. The index of the reference book I used said that it was used as a remedy for bronchitis. I get that a lot, so my ears perked up at that little tidbit of knowledge, and I bought a bag of the Horehound. I already used the Wild Cherry Bark for my hacking, coughing, I just stood out all weekend in the cold damp weather Monday morning general chest unhappiness, maybe this would work even better. So I looked it up:

"Indications: Horehound is a valuable plant in the treatment of bronchitis where there is a non-productive cough. It combines the action of relaxing the smooth muscles of the bronchus whilst promoting mucus production and thus expectoration." (

Basically, it gets the goo out of one's chest without the racking, hacking choking part of the party. Sign me up! Down further it recommends combining it with Wild Cherry Bark when taking it for coughs and such. Double win.

The taste was WRETCHED. But I gulped it down, had some that night, and two cups again the next day, when my coughing was not NEARLY as bad. And the next day I was basically as good as new. YAY!


Anonymous said...

Know what else works wonders? Slippery elm bark--one of the main ingredients in most commercial "throat coat" teas.

How are other things in your world, darling? Are you getting adjusted to life back in the States?

~Dark Faery

Whyte Fairy said...

*nods* Definitely on the slippery elm. However, I don't know where to get it in a not powdered form (not that I've actually looked...)

Things are all right, I'm working full time at the bookstore, and if I ever get two days off in a row (hahaHA, during Holiday Season) I am hopping on a plane and visiting you! <3

Anonymous said...

Wooooot! (for the hopping on the plane and the visiting :)

Traditional Medicinals (found at most grocery stores, and definitely at a Whole Foods/Trader Joe's/Wegman's) makes a lovely throat tea with slippery elm simply entitled "Throat Coat." If you read through the ingredients of the other throat teas, I would definitely bet on some others having slippery elm, as well. Just choose the one with the largest percentage of slippery elm to other herbs.

Also, if you ever decide to grow horehound, I believe I have a recipe somewhere for the predecessor of the cough drop: candied horehound leaves.

Love you!

~Dark Faery