Saturday, 21 November 2009

Those Who Came Before Us

Thanksgiving has come around again. I'm really going to miss last year's celebration of it- McDonalds with Elena and Cranberry sauce through a straw... We all know why we celebrate it, as a commemoration to a successful harvest when the Native Americans saved the lives of the settlers of Plymouth, Mass. by teaching them how to farm in the New World. Then we broke our treaties with them and slaughtered them all. But, as we have photographs to get to, I'll hold off on the rant against the US vs. the Native Americans. Sadly, I have no photographs of the Wompanoags, the tribe which so greatly helped the Pilgrims because of aforementioned treaty breaking and slaughter. Pretty much all of what I have are images of late 'Wild West' Native Americans. So here you go, a tribute (in antique photographs, of course) to the original inhabitants of this country who helped the European settlers in countless ways in all parts of this land.

1880 Jicarilla-Apache Man

1893 Arapaho women and child

1926 Blackfoot by the Bow River by E.S. Curtis

1910 Cayuse Woman

1927 The wife of Old Crow, Cheyenne

1868 Comanche Woman

1929 Inuit Women Cutting up a Beluga Whale

1900 Nez Perce couple

1868 Four Pawnee men and a mixed-blood interpreter

1913 Quileute Indian woman


Anonymous said...

Love it, darling! Thanks so much for putting this post together.

Only one suggestion/correction: Inuit is the preferred term for Native American nations in the subarctic region (the term Eskimo is actually derogatory when translated).

: )

~Dark Fae

Whyte Fairy said...

Thank you for the tip! To be honest, I have a ton of photos of American natives, but really have not put the time in to properly organize and label them all...