Monday, 7 December 2009

I'm Dreaming of Not Ever Hearing Christmas Jingles Again

And to keep you warm this winter: More Snow!

(Though, to be fair, the snow melted, and the temperature rose absurdly high again today...)

1940s World War II soldier Russell Blaney

1920 Lillian Gish in Way Down East, a movie based on the play based (loosely) on Tess of the D'Urburvilles. After Lillian's character ran out into the snow, she spent hours shooting a scene in which she was floating down the river on a block of ice, all frozen and passed out. This was back when actors did their own stunts, and Lillian spent all day with her left hand in a frozen river which resulted in permanent nerve damage.

1907 Admiral Peary's Arctic Expedition

1908 A Crow winter camp

1914 Elizabeth, Lester, Caroline and Sterling Goddard

1908 Stage Actress Miss Zena Dare



Unknown, but fun looking!


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