Monday, 7 December 2009

Let It Snow- Or How About Not?

Good morning lovely readers! I'm sorry I've been away for a while, but now I have a great week of posts for you! In honour of Saturday's snow, (the first snow of the year for those of us in these parts) which got me sent home from work early (yay! but now I'm down 1.5 hours of pay...) I bring you, Snow of the Past!

1950s Australia

1906 King Haakon and Queen Maud (Queen Victoria's Granddaughter) of Norway

1889 Leslie and Julia Stephen (Virginia Woolf's parents) with Melichor (another relative) in the Alps

Stage Actress Cleo de Merode (Fake snow is still snow!)

1946 Rhode Island

1910 Princes Gustav Adolf and Sigvard of Sweden

1946 African American members of the Women's Army Corps standing in the snow and throwing snowballs at each other, Camp Shanks, New York, January 3

1911 Katherine Hepburn at age four in the snow with her brother Tom



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