Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Soap of the Day!

Ok, so tea is generally just the best thing in the world. However, sometimes you just have to share other wonderful things as well! Sometimes those other wonderful things happen to be made of soap!

Sometimes that soap happens to be made by Dominican Nuns.

(yes, I know I'm posting this at the very wrong time, as the soap shop site is down until January 2 due to the whole Christmas season thing)

Anyway- I was given soap. Soap is nice. It smells good, sometimes even relaxing. It's pretty colors, and everyone likes pretty colors. But still. Soap is soap. Then I actually used it. That was pretty much the best shower I've ever taken.

The bar I picked first has an all right scent, nothing special (though they do have an apple spice bar that I'm going for as soon as the rest of my soap runs out!). But it felt like washing with silk! So soft and smooth! Oh, and you know how lots of times whatever it is you used to wash with will run out of suds before you're finished? I was all clean with suds to spare!

All in all, a very enjoyable and reasonably priced shower experience! Five big stars!

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