Monday, 7 December 2009

Winter Ice-capades

Yesterday afternoon my brother and I went into the cemetery to where the rain water collects in a GIANT puddle. It had frozen over, but not so much that we could walk on it. So instead, we took a huge stick with a nifty knot at the end of it and broke holes in the ice for about half an hour! When you get a nice sheet of it, and throw it across the ice, it makes a lovely tinkling sound as it shatters and skids! :-D

When I was in first grade I had the chicken pox, and spent all day at home on the sofa watching Olympic Ice Skating. Ever since then I have wanted to be an ice skater. I have been ice skating a grand total of one time, but I never fell down. :-D

1890 Skating Party, Ft. Keogh, MT




1914 Princess Patricia of Connaught, daughter of the Governor General, with an officer from her father's staff in Canada

Mr. and Mrs. Johnson of England, Champions in Pairs Skating


Anonymous said...

Only two more days! (i.e.: Dark Fae and Whyte Fae should definitely reunite sometime after Dark Fae's flight lands this Saturday. :)

Whyte Fairy said...

yes pleeeeeeeease! I think I'm not working on monday! please please please call me! where will you be staying????

Anonymous said...

At me Mum's. The (bio) sister wanted to finish up shopping on Monday, but I can't imagine that would take the whole day. Oh--and due to massive snow, my flight's been rescheduled from Saturday to Sunday--but nonetheless, I will be back in PA quite soon!

Question for you, darling. Primarily, I am making jewelry for Solstice/Christmas gifts this year, but, I know the G'vere has a massive proliferation of jewelry and clothing. I had a few ideas in mind for you as far as jewelry was concerned, but am not hardcore wedded to any of them. Given a choice, what would my dearest Whyte Fae like for Solstice this year?

~Dark Fae

moorvy said...

I have to say just how much I LOVE that picture of Patsy of Connaught and I'm so glad I stumbled upon this site by accident. :)