Thursday, 21 January 2010

French Doctors KILL Their Patiens! English Ones Just Let Them Die...

So I called the museum in Scranton yesterday liked they asked- the girl was at lunch and never did call me back. :-/

In other news, I work DAY SHIFT for the next three days! How weird is that?

In actual important news, PLEASE CONTINUE TO DONATE TO HAITI! The earthquake may have happened a week ago, but there are still people trapped in buildings! (some of them are Americans, if that's what it takes to get you to give)

1940s Western China University

1909 Trained nurses, Talladega College

1948 Uniforms of state registered nurses

1906 At the hospital; A corner in the boys' ward

1920s Nurses, possibly Scotland

1902 Trained nurses, Spelman Seminary

1921 An examination at a Negro conference
(I'm not quite sure what that means- but that's the caption that the photo came with from the New York Library archive website...)

1918 Demonstration at the Red Cross Emergency Ambulance Station
in Washington, D.C.

1922 Dr Roman's Clinic,
1st operation performed in the George W. Hubbard Hospital



Anonymous said...

So sorry about the museum. Was that the nifty job you applied to?

~Dark Fae

Whyte Fairy said...

Yes it is, but she called me today whilst I was at work! So I'll have to call her on my lunch break tomorrow and tell her I'll have to call her back Monday (which I definitely just typed as munday). Working day shift is complicated...