Tuesday, 12 January 2010

If Henry VIII was good at anything other than discarding wives, it was making ruins.

I'm having so much more trouble getting up in the morning. I'm not going to bed any later, nor am I having difficulty sleeping. It's just comfy...

But enough of that! It's Chelsea's Birthday today! Happy Birthday, Chelsea!

And now, to the Architecture!

1852: Rievaulx Abbey

The head of the Sphynx- before it was unearthed!

Interior of a ruined Abbey

1908 Messina, Sicily, after the great earthquake

1857 "Osiride Pillars at Medinet-Haboo- Thebes"

1894 Cliffhouse (I believe it was a hotel), California

1857 The Sphynx and the Great Pyramid, "Geezeh"

1860s Chepstow Castle

1857 The statues of Memnon

1895 Paris- I think both the train and the building are pretty much ruined. I'd also like to know how it got up there!


Anonymous said...

Oooo..pretties! By the way, I finished my Yule pretty for you, and it's been sitting on my dining room table, b/c Shamell and I haven't been able to coordinate our schedules to get to the post office. :( Help me motivate him?

Also, I saw you were up to 8 sales this morning. Go you!!!

Whyte Fairy said...

Eeep! Yay! Well, as I have to go to the post office today, I think that you should also go to the Post office today, and we'll have a cross time zone post office field trip!