Wednesday, 6 January 2010

January Events

Good morning! So, for lack of ideas of what to use as a theme this week (I actually got one, thank you Rachel, but it's already Wednesday, and I have nothing particular to say about it, so we'll save it for next week) I decided to just go with January events (like Eye Care Month). It turns out that today, in fact, is the end of the Christmas season, being Three Kings Day. That's kind of difficult to post antique images of the Three Kings, as, well, they didn't have paparazzi in the barn. SO. We move on through the calendar to January 16: National good Teen Day! And in honor of that, take a look at some that AREN'T so good...

1963 June M. Allen, Minneapolis

Arkansas Penitentiary inmate #174, date unknown

1963 mugshot 50177, Minneapolis

1915-1937 Arkansas State Prison, inmate #24274

1963 Mugshot, Anna Belle Eli, Minneapolis

1917 Abby Scott Baker in Prison Dress. Why? She wanted to vote.

1976 David Bowie

Clyde Barrow in Texas

1942 Mugshot 58926

1943 Mugshot 61237

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