Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Long Cold Days

I was going to make a theme of people playing sports because I'm tired of always being indoors because it is cold outside! Then I kept seeing pictures of people playing games instead of sports. In the American Girl catalogs the games of the past doll accessories (paper dolls, etc) were featured on the page with their winter coat. And so, as it's winter, I bring you games of the past- although several of them are taking place out of doors....

1940s A game of marbles
(Another of my favorites)

1910s Tonkin, Vietnam: A group of women representing the pieces in a live game of Chess

1938 Playing Cards in the Lower East Side

Japan, playing Tolanpu, a card game

1955 Polish Seminarians
(I was going to save this for another post- but I think I like it better here)

1910 Cuba: Playing dominoes during the midday rest

1859 Margaret Anne and Henrietta May Lutwidge, Aunts of Lewis Carroll, playing Chess

1899 Playing Chess in Algeria

Newsies playing Craps, by Lewis Wickes Hine

Risque Card Game

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