Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Tea of the Day!

You all thought I forgot about this, didn't you? (By the way, it IS ok to comment here. I PROMISE. I might even reply to you! Then wouldn't you feel special?) I chose the little picture I did because a) it's green and today's tea is green, though you don't know that yet, and b) because for whatever reason we have a display at work of Keep Calm and Carry On paraphernalia. *shrugs* The corporate mind is a mystery to me. Also the consumer's mind. As to that, our post-holiday clearances started this week, including the Holiday Teas (Harney and Sons) and I FORGOT TO BUY SOME. Tea. 50% off, and I forgot to buy it. *sigh* I really should do better. (As soon as summer hits and the rest of the tea goes on clearance, the White Peach and Hot Cinnamon Spice are MINE) (more on those later- remember, today is about green tea)

Yun Wu (Cloud Mist) Green Tea (Wellcat): 3/5

It's green tea all right. Nothing overly special about it (though you'd think I'd have more to say on it since I've been drinking a LOT of plain green teas lately- this, the rest of the bags in my little Republic of Tea carry along tin, and what my Grandmom told me to snitch from the coffee/tea station outside the gift shop at her living facility (?- not quite a nursing home- and elderly community place)) Anyway, it has a bit of a sour aftertaste, and I find it to be quite a full flavored green tea. Not at all ricey like some of the Korean green teas. If you're looking for a green tea to invest in, you could do worse!

Speaking of my Grandmom: She's my favorite of my grandparents, as well as the youngest, and also has the poorest health. My mom being who she is is all about the changes in diet (most of which my Grandmom DOES actually need to make- if not for the extra healing benefits of food, but for her general health and losing weight) She told me that she's had a box of green tea for a while, but hasn't gotten around to trying it yet. She also says she's trying to cut back on the coffee. I suggested that she try the green tea, namely because it has a miniscule fraction of the caffeine of coffee, but also has 'other healing benefits' and 'antioxidants.' Does anyone have any other helpful tidbits on the benefits of green tea? (yes, I know I could just look it up, but this is more fun- also, she's currently in Florida where I can't hang out with her and be all pushy) Please share! (no, seriously- I'll start!)

Extra: Green tea contains one sixth to one eighth as much caffeine as coffee!

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