Monday, 4 January 2010

Tired of Winter Already

Well. I promised you literary children and never got past Alice! No Christopher Robin for you! Or anyone else for that matter. Then I (BELATEDLY!) promised you Christmas postings because I forgot about Christmas! I could go back and fix it all, but it would be all disjointed, and the spirit of the holiday has passed, and I'm not one for hanging on to it anyway, so I wont. I should be ashamed of myself.

Never fear, gentle readers, though sometimes my enthusiasm for my etsy shop wanes, I'll never abandon you (you, of course are free to decide whether or not that is indeed a good thing) and resolve to keep up with this place as much as I can in the following year! I even intend to do the odd etsy seller spotlight entry! Oh la la!

Now that the Holiday season has (mostly) passed, I'm down one stressing point, so I've taken up several others to make up for it:
1) I NEED to move out. For lots of reasons. None of which I will bore you with here.
2) I NEED a better job. I LOVE B&N. So much. But I need to get out and get back to history somehow. Even if I go back to school (anyone knowing any bored lecturers who specialize in Arthurian HISTORY will please contact me asap. I'll bake you cookies forever).
3) I would like to be not here. I've spent a long time in this immediate area, and I'd like a change. I'd like to go back to the UK- not permanently, but a 3 year phd would be nice. Really, I'm not fussed- as long as I can speak the language (which limits me to the English speaking world) I'm fine.
4) I occasionally get very depressed that fiction is just that. Even more depressing is the fact that I don't fancy myself a particularly apt heroine. I'm more like the red-shirt character that at least gets a name before they die, but I've never even chewed my way through a pillow! Some heroine I'd make... I think I need to move fully back into Juv books, and leave YA alone for a little while. Or even (gasp!) start writing again myself!

Basically, I need a new life- and I'm working on it- not just complaining about it. I could do with a few more hours in my days though. That would be super helpful.

And now, for your *viewing* enjoyment- January is National Eye Care Month! (I'd really like to know who makes those decisions!)

1844: Mary Woodburn Greeley (Horace Greeley's Mother)
(He was a 19th century US Politician)

1960 San Francisco

TR in 1890! Little nose pinchy glasses!

1850 She looks like a woman who don't take no sass!

1953 by photographer Jerome Liebling
(One of my favorite photographs)

1860-65 Colonel M.S. Stokes, C.S.A.

1940 Eula Faust Mannon, by Disfarmer


1910, February 17


Anonymous said...

I'm here for you, darling. And I love the Liebling pic! :)

woodlandwalker said...

I think you make a wonderful heroine and you're short changing yourself if you think you aren't. You're quite a character when it comes down to it. Seriously, you're like Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle had a baby with Amelia Bedelia and she was raised by Wild Things. But silliness aside, you have good goals and the right mindset. You'll end up where you're supposed to be.

Back to the silliness: the woman on the right in that first picture looks like the headmistress of St. Trinians...

Whyte Fairy said...

Anonymous: Every now and then you just get an unremarkable picture that is just SO remarkable BECAUSE it's unremarkable. <3

Woodlandwalker: Haha! She does! And thank you for your kind words. I just wish I was Action Heroine or Romantic Heroine material. Though an upside down house WOULD be pretty spiffing!