Monday, 8 February 2010

And Now, Back To Reality:

And now for some REAL women of the 1920s! But first! I was wondering what you, Lovely Readers, would think of a weekly caption contest? I'll post a funny picture, and you comment and let me know what you think the subjects are saying! I'll do one, but if I get FEWER THAN THREE COMMENTS, I will assume that you have no interest in the matter, and go no further with it. (And I'll be very very sad) But for now, we continue on with the Roaring Twenties, beginning with:

1920s Clara Eisenmann
My dear friend Alison's Great Grandmother
in what I believe they said was the first dress she bought in America!
(Love the nylons too!)

Foofy and Frilly Dresses with short sleeves, but still of 'respectable' length and obvious stockings. Definitely more carefree than the carefully posed portraits of the recent past, but nothing wild and crazy. I really like the darker dress.

Again, slightly less posed, and shorter and simpler than in the last decade, but still not the revealing skin tight and short of Hollywood. Spiffing hats though!

1922 Ruth Bryant and Unknown
Loose, shorter (but not too short) dresses, and short, unstyled hair

1925 Germany
Styled Short Hair

1925 Margaret Annis Bobbitt
Sleeveless shirt (ooh lala) and a shorter skirt (almost a bit of knee poking out) and a fancier hairstyle. Margaret could almost fit in with the Hollywood crowd!
Not an exciting enough pose though.

1926 Sepulveda, CA in July

1929 Evelyn Hancock
Like many of the women, Evelyn has the appearance of short hair, but the way it's tucked back indicates just a short hair-do, not a true bob.


What appears to be a fun mockery of the flapper style. The floofy feathers and the short skirts and relaxed poses fit the Flapper style, even if the clothes themselves do not. Obviously a fun photograph between friends.

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Anonymous said...

Loves it! And my great-grandmother made the front page! :)

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