Friday, 12 February 2010

Black History Month Continues!

And because I can't think of any larger themes currently (oh wait- there's one...) and because it's kind of the middle of the week, we'll continue on with Black History Month:

1850 Oscar Menard and Nurse

1896 Southern Nigerian King of Calabar and his family
(notice the European influence in the clothes and style of the crown)


1864 Sojourner Truth
Famous (and truly Amazing) Abolitionist and
Women's Rights Activist, as well as a former slave.
Do look up her 'Ain't I A Woman?' speech.
(given at the 1851 Ohio Women's Rights Convention)

1902 Grandchildren of Slaves

1915 J. Leubrie Hill and his famous Dark Town Follies of 1914 and 1915

1910 A Hampton University student in her room

1964 Edie Black Teaches a Freedom School Class in Mileston, Mississippi,
a Community of Independent Black Farmers in Summer

1930 A Church meeting

1940 African American women and children playing Bingo, Louisiana Delta Project, June

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