Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Late President's Day

Haha. Get it? Anyway, my internet was down all of yesterday, hence the lack of appropriately themed post. So we'll do it today! Also, yay for the Chinese figure skating pairs who snatched up both the gold and silver medals last night. I have to say that I was much more impressed by the short programs than the free skates- many of the free skate programs were really rather uninteresting and failed to hold my attention (and I LOVE figure skating). Also, I'm very glad that the couple that won the gold won the gold, and their short program was Perfect. But for the free skate I really thought that the silver medalists did a much much better job. Anyway, kudos to everyone. Hopefully I'll get to see the men's short program tonight!

Also- just came up with an idea for a possibly disgusting mixture of teas: Strawberry Green tea and some form of Mint (I have Peppermint and Liquorice Mint to play around with). I'll play around and report on the results later this week! :-D

And now: Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Or something like that.

1865 President Abraham Lincoln- one of the frontmen for President's Day

President Franklin Pierce
(Apparently played by Tommy Lee Jones....)

Ulysses S. Grant

1900 President William McKinley

President Theodore Roosevelt

1929 Herbert and Mrs. Hoover

1920 Governor James M. Cox of Ohio and Franklin D. Roosevelt of New York,
arriving at the White House for conference with the President

1927 Henry Ford

John and Jackie Kennedy

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