Thursday, 18 February 2010

More Black History Month

As President's Day (and my lack of internet for a while) has botched any room for a theme this week (again) we'll come back to our monthly theme! Enjoy!

ALSO: don't forget to check out this week's caption contest! (two posts down) :-D

1935 Three African American sharecropper's children-
one playing the harmonica and the other two listening-sitting on porch,
Fuquay Springs, North Carolina, September 17

1860s Algeria

1900 A Plantation worker's family

Frederick Douglas
Former slave, noted orator and abolitionist
(If you went to my high school, you read his book at least once)

1915 WWI Prisoner of War Camp, Munster, Moroccan Man

"A Chocolate Drop"

1921 Newsie

1939 Hattie McDaniel with Vivian Leigh
Possibly the first African American woman to sing on radio (1915)
The Daughter of a freed slave
Has 2 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (one for radio, the other for film)
The first of 4 African American actresses to win Academy Awards- unfortunately, her Oscar was lost during the race riots at Howard University and never recovered
"Why should I complain about making $700 a week playing a maid? If I didn't, I'd be making $7 a week being one."

1968 Black Panther Angela Davis at an Oakland Rally for Huey Newton

1940s Ruth Miller working at the El Segundo Plant
of the Douglas Aircraft Company

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