Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Welcome February!

Also known as Black History Month! (we're setting up the display at work this week) Also the month of Groundhog Day (more on that tomorrow), the Chinese New Year, lots of birthdays, and the release of the Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief in theaters on President's day! (I FINALLY started reading it yesterday! You should do the same! More book reviews later this week as well! (someday I might even return to tea!)) In honor of February, I present you with a sampling of my photos of those of African descent! (I can't actually say African American- because I don't know the nationality of everyone- though it's safe to say that most will probably be Americans) Enjoy!

1930 Dorthea Lange
(Again, a photograph that I just adore, from the expression on her face to the stiff way she's holding her arm, probably because the photographer told her to, despite the relaxed appearance of the image)

1870 Plantation Scene

1880 "An Hour's Search, or Aunt Venus Hunting for Florida Fleas"

1960 San Francisco Street Scene

1890 A Woman from Gabon dressed in European Clothes

Actress Josephine Baker

1860 Cutting Sugar Cane, New Orleans
(It looks like the man in the center is a white man in blackface?)

1910 "A dear old Negro nurse"

Booker T. Washington and Family

1850 Mrs. Anne Mary Jane Hunt, Manfield Smith, Mrs. Lucinda Seymour
Refugee Settlers in Ontario
(I suppose I forgot to save the names of the gentlemen in the front row...)

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