Tuesday, 30 March 2010

BAD COWS and Chicken Ponies - or - Percy Jackson and the Sea of Reviews

Katie was kind enough to lend me Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters, by Rick Riordan, at work last week. ^_^ I read it in one day! It is also an excellent read. (Katie says it is her least favorite, but as I still have three more books to go, I really can't say too much on that matter) A series definitely worth continuing!

This time Percy makes an acquaintance at his new school (one that he has yet to cause any trouble in), named Tyson, who is the school's charity project (Tyson being homeless and all). Turns out Tyson is more than what he appears when he saves Percy during a dodgeball game gone horribly wrong. I mean monsters wielding flaming metal dodgeballs wrong. The boys end up escaping, joined by Annabeth who has been trying to get to Percy, and all three head to Camp Half-Blood (I'm not going to tell you about Tyson any more than I told you about Grover). (Also, Grover is in trouble and sending Percy help messages through his dreams. Hint- there's a wedding dress involved. Also, sheep.)

What Percy's mom was avoiding telling him was that there are major problems at Camp Half-Blood- namely that the daughter-of-Zeus-turned-pine-tree, Thalia, has been poisoned, and Chiron, remember the pen wieldig Latin teacher?, has been blamed for it and sacked. When the three campers approach, they find Clarisse, daughter of Aries, leading her siblings in a defensive attack against two large, fire breathing bronze bulls attempting (and succeeding rather well) to attack the camp.

And so we commence with the handing out of a Quest- to Clarisse... But you know Percy, somehow he'll end up on the Quest anyway! Also, there are dead Confederates, and Charybdis has braces (which made me to a double take and start laughing out loud)!

Conclusion: I think it's a marvelous continuation, and different enough that I didn't feel like I read the same book with a different title. I feel that is a very important quality in sequels. Riordan also keeps up on his wit and bizarre situations and statements- which keeps everything very lighthearted and quick moving- even when faced with life or death situations. Go read The Lightning Thief, if you have not already, and then continue on in the series.

NOTE: On top of the total tragedy that is the Wimpy Kid movie, there is a fifth book (of course there is) scheduled to be released in November (and that means at least one more movie). *sigh*

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