Monday, 1 March 2010

The Land of the Rising Sun

Well now, I feel terribly ashamed. I've managed to actually come up with a theme, and then forget to actually post! *sigh* I feel like I'll get better at this once I'm on my own again with nobody to talk to or go out for Moroccan food with...

Ps- Caption contest below with NO PARTICIPATION! :(

In any case: Japan!

Two Maiko(s?): Apprentice Geishas
(I'm not quite sure how to pluralize a Japanese word...)
(I LOVE the decorative combs!)


1890 Geishas
(I'm very NOT a fan of these hair accessories...)

Elderly Couple

1890s "Geishas Dancing"

Washer Woman (?)

An Oiran
(At least that's what the source labeled it as. However, according to Wikipedia (yes, such a reliable source, I know) (I wanted to double check that the translation as 'Courtesan" was correct), the last of the Oiran disappeared in 1761 (replaced by the Geisha)- 80 years before popular photography. So whether this woman is one of those who is preserving the cultural tradition of Courtesans (though most likely without the sex), or is just posing in a costume, I unfortunately cannot tell you.

Weaving Silk

A Geisha
(Another of my favorite photographs!)

Women Picking Oysters

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