Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Leading Ladies!

So, as it's already the third week of March, we have a bit of catching up to do for Women's History Month. So, to charge forth, we'll move on to some Leading Ladies, both in office, and on the stage! (Partially I didn't want to choose between more Queens, and partially I liked the double meaning of the phrase).

HRM Queen Victoria, Working Mom

Mary Todd Lincoln

Ballerina Anna Pavlova

Alice Roosevelt at the White House
(I'm sorry I'm not giving you all kinds of fun tidbits today like I did in my last post. I just feel kind of blegh tonight)

The Girl With The Curls: Mary Pickford
Actress, Director, Co-Founder of United Artists (in its original incarnation)

1929 Eleanor Roosevelt with schoolchildren at the Brooklyn Museum

1947 HRM Queen Elizabeth II when she was still a Princess, shortly before her 21st birthday

1848 Dolley Madison, the 4th First Lady of the US!
I imagine that's a wig she's wearing, as she'd be about 80 years old there!

Empress Eugenie of France
Tinted Pretty Pink!

1910 Czarina Alexandra Feodorovna

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